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Electric (type)

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* In [[Generation III]], all damaging Electric moves were of the [[Cool]] contest type. The only non Cool move was {{m|Charge}}.
* There is yet to be a Pokémon with double resistance to the Electric-type, though there are multiple types which do resist it.
* Because Electric's only weakness is to {{t|Ground}}, a pure Electric-type Pokémon with {{a|Levitate}} would have no weaknesses unless {{m|Gravity}} is used, the Pokémon is holding an Iron Ball or the foe has {{a|Mold Breaker}}.
* {{p|Magnemite}} and {{p|Magneton}} were originally exclusively Electric-type in [[Generation I]] until [[Generation II]] and on, when it became an Electric-type and {{type2|Steel}}. Obviously, {{p|Magnezone}} has always been an Electric/Steel type.
* The sprites of most Electric-type Pokémon flash yellow when they are brought into battle in {{game|Emerald}}, {{3v2|Diamond|Pearl|Platinum}}.