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Team Rocket encounters a door, and {{MTR}} looks into the keyhole, seeing a bird silhouette. They think its Ho-oh and open it, setting off a {{p|Pidgey}}.
Ash is enveloped with dark energy, which reaches out and grabs [[{{an|May]]}}'s [[Poké Ball]]s. May takes them back and everyone wonders what happened to Ash. Ash declares himself as the [[King of Pokélantis]], and Brandon reveals that Ash is possessed. Brandon confronts the king due to his failure to imprison Ho-oh. Brandon steps forward and challenges the king to a battle. Brandon announces that he is the king of the Battle Pyramid. If the king wins, he will rule the world. The king accepts.
Team Rocket finds another passageway. They hear a roar, thinking its Ho-oh. They run down the hall, finding a {{p|Salamence}} instead. It uses {{m|Flamethrower}} to send them running. Meanwhile, Brandon takes the king and the others to the pyramid, meeting [[Scott]]. Inside, Scott finds out that Ash is possessed, while revealing that Brandon explores ruins as well as being the brain.