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Fishing Brothers

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Somebody please check if any of the characters in RSE or DPP are called gurus. I know the info for RBYGSC is correct.
The '''Fishing Brothers''' are characters in [[Generation]]s {{gen|I}}–{{gen|III}} who give out different types of [[Fishing|Rods]].
== OldVermilion RodFishing Guru ==
In theGenerations [[Generation I|I]] games and their [[Generation III|III]] remakes, a man known as the Fishing Guru can be found in aVermilion. houseIn nextthese togames thehe {{g|Center}}gives inthe [[VermilionOld CityRod]]. Into the [[Generationplayer. II]] gamesLater, he can be found in the Pokémon Center on {{rt|32}}. In the [[Generation IIIII]] games, he is nearknown as the [[DewfordFishing Gym|Gym]]Dude inand [[Dewfordclaims Town]].to Inbe the [[Generationeldest IV]] games he is inof the houseFishing that connects [[Jubilife City]] to [[Route 218]]Brothers.
== GoodLake Rodof Rage Fishing Guru ==
In the [[Generation III]] games, anda theirman [[Generationknown III]]as remakes, athe Fishing Guru islives inat aLake houseof in [[Fuchsia City]]Rage. InHis thegreatest [[Generationdream II]]is games, he can be found in [[Olivine City]].to Insee the Generationworld's IIIlargest gamesMagikarp, and he isregularly onmeasures [[Routethose 118]].brought Into [[Generationhim IV]]in heorder isto onrealize [[Route 209]]it.
== SuperSilence RodBridge Fishing Guru ==
In the [[GenerationGenerations I]] games and their [[Generation –III]] remakes, asa wellbrother as in the [[Generation II]] games,of the Fishing Guru canlives beon foundSilence inBridge. aHe house ongives [[SilenceSuper BridgeRod]].s Into thethose Generationin III games,whom he is indetects a houselove byof the [[Mossdeep Space Center]]fishing. In [[Generation IVII]], he isclaims foundto onlybe aftera theyounger playerbrother recievesof the [[NationalFishing Dex]]Guru inof theLake [[Fightof Area]]Rage.
== SeeFuchsia AlsoCity Fishing Guru ==
*In Generations I and III, the older brother of the Vermilion Fishing Guru gives away a [[FishingGood Rod]].
== Other "Fishing Gurus" ==
Many other characters give fishing rods to players. In the Pokémon fandom, these have all become unofficially known as fishing gurus, even though they are not referred to as such in-game.
*In Generation II, a man in the {{rt|32}} Pokémon Center gives the player an Old Rod.
*In Generation III, a man near the [[Dewford Gym|Gym]] in [[Dewford Town]] gives the player an Old Rod.
*In the [[Generation IV]] games a man who is in the house that connects [[Jubilife City]] to [[Route 218]] gives the player an Old Rod.
*In Generation II, a man who has fished in Olivine City for 30 years gives the player a Good Rod in the Olivine Cafe.
*In the Generation III games, a man is on [[Route 118]] gives the player a Good Rod.
*In [[Generation IV]] a man on [[Route 209]] gives the player a Good Rod.
*In the Generation III games, a man who is in a house by the [[Mossdeep Space Center]] gives the player a Super Rod.
*In [[Generation IV]] a man who is found only after the player receives the [[National Dex]] in the [[Fight Area]] gives the player a Super Rod.
== Trivia ==
*Although in Generation I the Fuchsia Guru claims to be older than the Vermilion Guru, in Generation II the Guru in Vermilion claims to be the eldest of the brothers. This could perhaps be explained by the brothers moving around—in fact, it could be that there is only one Fishing Guru (from Vermilion in Generations I and III and from Lake of Rage in Generation II).
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