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POP Series 6 (TCG)

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*The booster design for the set features {{p|Lucario}}.
*Due to a production error, every POP 6 pack contains one rare, and one common or uncommon card.
*The rare card {{TCG ID|POP Series 6|Manaphy|3}}, the uncommon cards {{TCG ID|POP Series 6|Gible|7}}, {{TCG ID|POP Series 6|Riolu|8}}, {{TCG ID|POP Series 6|Pikachu|9}} and the common cards {{TCG ID|POP Series 6|Chimchar|14}}, {{TCG ID|POP Series 6|Piplup|15}}, and {{TCG ID|POP Series 6|Turtwig|17}} recevied holographic versions. They were available in value packs.
*POP Series 6 was the first set of the series not to include a rarer card as #17 as the only promotional Pokémon LV.X card from Japan at the time, Lucario, was to be released in a promotional tin in November 2007.