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When it came to the Battle Frontier I was shocked to discover that the voices had changed (more on this below). The music had also shocked to discover that the music theme had shortened by almost half (although it was still a good song and one of the better ones). As Diamond and Pearl came in I was still sore by the new voices and to be fair this may have came into my judgement about the season. I thought that the music was pretty bad for Diamond and Pearl but for Battle Dimension I think they have hit an all time low with it and that combined with the new voices means that I won't be watching Battle Dimension for a very long time. In regards to the new line up change I am glad that they finally ditched Max and May, although May did not annoy me as much Max annoyed the life out of me and I just wanted to strangle him sometimes. Dawn was an excallent addition especially with some of her early moments of blunder, reminds me of Ash in his early days. Ash's rival Paul reminds me of a more agressive version of Gary and he will defo have some good moments in the season as it goes on. I think that the change in Ash's attire from the Advanced seasons is a welcome change, the darker colors really suit him.
As for the PUSA dub voice changes I honestly think it was a very bad choice to change the actors so vertvery laetlate into the game. Pokémon should have stuck with Veronica, Maddie, Rachel, Eric and the rest of the gang. This is of course just my opinion but let me go further. I have never seen the Mirage special and to be honest from what I have heard I am in no hurry to anymore. I have also tried to give the new voice actors a good chance but they just fail to grab my attention as the 4Kids ones did and even though I do still watch the season (although for how long with the Battle Dimension music I don't know).
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