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* R-092 {{p|Qwilfish}}, in the [[List of Pokémon by Almia Browser number|Almia Browser]]
In the [[Pokémon {{g|anime]]}} series, '''092''' may refer to:
* ''[[EP092|The Joy of Pokémon]]'', episode 92 of the [[List of original series episodes|original series]]
* ''[[AG092|Judgment Day!]]'', episode 92 of the [[List of Advanced Generation episodes|''Advanced Generation'' series]]
In the [[Pokémon {{g|games]]}}, '''092''' may refer to:
* [[TM92]], a [[TM|Technical Machine]]
In the [[Pokémon {{g|manga]]}}, '''092''' may refer to:
* ''[[PS092|VS. Hoothoot]]'', round 092 in the [[Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter ({{Special)|Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter]]}} of [[Pokémon {{g|Special]]}}.
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