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Deoxys (Pokémon)

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* In Pokémon Ranger, Deoxys's form changes every time its [[List of Pokémon by Fiore Browser number|Browser]] entry is accessed. It cycles in order from Normal Forme to Attack Forme to Defense Forme to Speed Forme and finally back to Normal Forme.
* Deoxys was the first Pokémon to have its own unique battle music. The second Pokémon to have its own unique music was {{p|Arceus}}, followed by {{p|Giratina}}, the latter in Platinum only. All other [[legendary Pokémon]] share battle themes with at least one other.
* Originally, all of Deoxys's different "formes" were thought to be spelled as "form." However, after {{p|Giratina}}'s Origin Forme was revealed, fans went back to check Poké, and the Official Emerald Players guide (published in 2005) to find that "forme" has in fact always been the official spelling since 2005.
* Some fans believe Deoxys to have been loosely based on the [[Glitch Pokémon]] [[Missingno.]], given Deoxys's viral nature, its location on a southern island, and the presence of four forms (MissingNo. is a Glitch Pokémon, is most commonly found at [[Cinnabar Island]], and has four forms, though unlike Deoxys, it cannot change between them).
* In its Generation III Normal Forme sprite, its arm is on its right side, while in Generation IV the arm is on its left. Additionally, in Generation III, it only is shown with four fingers, while in Generation IV, it has five.