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[[Image:GR1Duel.png|right|thumb|160px|Duelling against Catherine]]
'''Catherine''', also known as '''GR-1''', is a member of [[Team Great Rocket]] from [[Pokémon Card GB 2]].
Like a couple other Team Great Rocket members, she has disguised herself behind a mask with a leaf pattern across it so little can be said about her real appearance. She first appears at the [[Rock Club]], from which she flees after the {{player}} arrives there. She then takes control over the [[Lightning Club]], where she may be defeated after first defeating one of the original Club Members, [[Club Member Nicholas|Nicholas]], and the original Club Master, [[Club Master Isaac|Isaac]].
After being defeated at the Lightning Club, he moves to the [[Fighting Club]], where she may be challenged in a 6-prize duel. Her deck focuses on {{e|Water}} and {{e|Lightning}} Pokémon. After defeating her, the player is awarded with one of both {{GB|2|We Are Team Rocket}} and {{GB|2|Beginning Pokémon}} booster packs and one piece of the Great Rocket Coin.
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