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In the games
In [[Pokémon Emerald]] there are a series of messages left at [[Faraway Island]] where a wild {{p|Mew}} can be found. The messages warn that only someone pure of heart will see Mew. The author's name is smudged, but "-ji" is still readable in the Japanese version. It's possible that Mr. Fuji left the message, as a scientist who possibly worked on cloning Mew, he would have needed to collect Mew DNA. Mew may have appeared before Mr Fuji due to his kind nature. In [[Pokémon Special]] manga, it's confirmed that he and [[Blaine]] once were on [[Faraway Island]].
==Fame Checker==
This is a list of the [[Fame Checker]]'s information on Mr. Fuji in {{game|FireRed and LeafGreen|s}}.
;Mr. Fuji's house - Little girl
*What does this person do?
:"He's really kind. He looks after abandoned and orphaned POKéMON."
;[[Pokémon Tower]] - Team Rocket Grunt
*What is this person like?
:"This old guy marched right up to our HIDEOUT. Then, he starts ranting about how TEAM ROCKET's abusing POKéMON. So, we're just talking it over as adults."
;[[Pokémon magazines#Pokémon Fan Magazine|Pokémon Fan Magazine]]
*What is this person like?
:"POKéMON FAN MAGAZINE. Monthly Grand Prize Drawing!The application form is... Gone! it's been clipped out. Someone must have applied already."
;Lavender Town Pokemon Center - Old man
*There's a rumor...
:"I hear MR. FUJI's not from these part's originally, either."
;[[Cinnabar Gym]] - Photo
*Family and friends?
:"It's a photo of BLAINE and MR. FUJI. They're standing shoulder to shoulder with big grins."
;[[Pokémon magazines#Pokémon Journal|Pokémon Journal]]
*What is this person like?
:"Editor: The shy MR. FUJI turned down our interview requests. He is a kindly man who is adored and respected in LAVENDER TOWN."
;Message from <sc>Fuji</sc>
*From: <sc>Mr. Fuji</sc>
*To: [[Player]]
:"Instead of hoping for the happiness of just your POKéMON... ...Can I get you to wish for the happiness of all POKéMON?"
==In the TCG==