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Roserade (Pokémon)

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*Though {{p|Jynx}} is more noticeable, Roserade may have been based on ganguro, a style in Japan that was popular around the 90s where women would acquire a dark tan, bleach their hair to blonde or some other light color, and wear white or light-colored makeup.
*Although Roserade's front sprites show gender differences, its back sprites do not. The same occurs with {{p|Mamoswine}}, and the opposite occurs with {{p|Torchic}}, {{p|Buizel}} and {{p|Floatzel}}.
*RoseradeIt is the only final form dual-type {{2t|Grass|Poison}} Pokémon not introduced in the same generation as all other members of its evolutionary line. It is also the only final form Pokémon of this typePoison/Grass combination whose name does not start with "V".
* Since no leveling up is required to evolve it from Roselia, and breeding Budew is optional, Roserade is one of the two fully evolved three-stage Pokémon capable of legitimately being level 1 ({{p|Porygon-Z}} being the other).