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EX Delta Species (TCG)

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In Japan, Holon Research Tower was released after {{TCG|EX Legend Maker|Mirage Forest}}; however, due to a translation issue, the sets' releases were switched in English-language territories, causing the set to be released in North America and the United Kingdom just three days after its release in Japan. However, due to Pokémon Organized Play's prereleases, for the first time in the history of the TCG, the entire set was available in English before in Japanese.
The set introduces the Holon Research Tower, located in the middle of the Mirage Forest (which was introduced in {{TCG|EX Legend Maker}}, hence why it was to be released before Delta Species); it is the home of scientists who conduct research on Mew and strange new Pokémon. These Pokémon have been altered by a wave of electromagnetic radiation produced by an experiment gone awry at Holon labs. The result is a new species of Pokémon called the Delta Species, symbolized by the lower-case delta (δ). These new Pokémon possess types different from their original and some, in their fully evolved forms, are partially {{TCGct|Metal}}-typess. They could be considered a counterpart to {{TCG|Dark Pokémon}} in the EX series. EX Delta Species also introduces Holon's Pokémon, which are unique as they can double as Special Energy cards, and new Trainer cards which centralisecentralize themselves around the Holon Tower community.
Similar to cards belonging to [[Team Magma]], [[Team Aqua]] and [[Team Rocket]], the card layout was visually enhanced for δ Delta Species Pokémon: -