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Cresselia LV.X (Great Encounters 103)

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| jname = クレセリア
| jtrans = Crecelia
| image = CresseliaLvXGEGreatEncounters103Cresselia.jpg
| caption = Illus. [[Shizurow]]
| name = [[Cresselia (TCG)#Cresselia LV.X|Cresselia]]
| type = Poké-POWER
| name = Full Moon Dance
| effect = Once during your turn (''(before your attack)''), you may move 1 damage counter from either player's Pokémon to another Pokémon (''(yours or your opponent's)''). This power can't be used if {{tt|Cresselia|this Pokémon}} is affected by a {{TCG|Special Condition}}.
*Cresselia LV.X is the first Pokémon card capable of taking three Prize cards in a single Knock Out. This is achieved by Knocking Out a {{TCG|Pokémon-ex}} with the Moon Skip attack.
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