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== [[Image:May.png]]<span style="font-family:Segoe Print;" >'''About Me'''</span> ==
Hi! I'm the Bulbapedia user '''Haruka uzumaki''' ('''うずまき ハルカ''' ''Uzumaki Haruka''). I discovered Bulbapedia in March 2007, in the site Wikipedia. I'm a Bulbapedia user since September 15 2007.
My real name is '''Luisa'''.
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[[Image:Pokemon Trainer Brendan Emerald.png|thumb|left]]
[[Image:May anime.png|thumb|left]]
[[Image:May and drew 4ever.jpg|thumb|left]]
[[Image:May Dawn.jpg|thumb|left|180px|I like this Fan art, but I DON'T support [[SapphirePearlShipping]]!!]]
== [[Image:SpriteMisty.png]]<span style="font-family:Segoe Print;" >'''Introduction to Pokémon'''</span> ==
I love Pokémon since I watched the first anime episode
==[[Image:SpriteNatane.png]]<span style="font-family:Segoe Print;" >'''Shippings'''</span> ==
Here are the Shippings that I like:
*[[ContestShipping]] - [[May]] X [[Drew]]
*[[QuestShipping]] - [[Jimmy (Johto)|Jimmy]] X [[Marina (Johto)| Marina]]
*[[PokéShipping]] - [[Ash]] X [[Misty]]
<!--*[[PalletShipping]] - [[Ash]] X [[Gary]] Hm...JUST THE FAN ARTS!! I DON'T SUPPORT THIS SHIPPING! ...okay...you didn't see this... -->
And the Shippings that I HATEdon't really support:
[[Image:May Dawn.jpg|thumb|left|180px|I like this Fan art, but I DON'T support [[SapphirePearlShipping]]!!]]
And the Shippings that I HATE:
*[[SapphirePearlShipping]] - [[May]] X [[Dawn]]
*[[PearlShipping]] - [[Ash]] X [[Dawn]]
*[[AdvanceShipping]] - [[Ash]] X [[May]]
*[[SnapShipping]] - [[Ash]] X [[Todd]]
<small>And other gay/lesbian/incest Shippings...</small>
== [[Image:SpriteTateandLiza.png]] <span style="font-family:Segoe Print;" >'''My Friends'''</span> ==
I have lots of friends, mainly girls, but I prefer have friends that are {{tt|boys|Why?}}. Because girls♀ like to talk about boring things, the most "interesting" is talk about {{tt|"boys"|Of course I like to talk about boys, but, after hours and hours, it's really boring}}. Boys♂ don't, they talk about anything (at least the boys that I known), they tell jokes, funny things, and they like competitions, so it's really funny see two guys competing, and, some minutes later, acting like old friends! Girls don't do this; the other girl is {{tt|humiliated|A girl humiliated me in front of all the class, so, I humiliated the same girl twice, in front of all the school}}, and the two girls going to be {{tt|rivals forever|We hate each other since we were 6 years old}}.
Here in [[Bulbapedia]], I have {{tt|friends|Friends! YEEEAAH!!}} too, they're the users;
#[[User:Netto-kun|Netto-kun]]; we started to send emails to each other, and later chat on Messenger. He helped me with this User Page. XD
== [[Image:SpriteFlannery.png]]<span style="font-family:Segoe Print;" > '''Random and useless things'''</span> ==
http://www.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/yatyranitar.jpg http://www.eonlightvalley.com/images/random/pquiz/pqrayquaza.jpg
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