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Porygon2 (Pokémon)

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'''Porygon2''' ([[List of Japanese Pokémon names|Japanese]]: ポリゴン2 ''Porygon2''; German: Porygon2; French: Porygon2) is a {{t|Normal}}-type Pokémon. It evolves from {{p|Porygon}}.
=Pokédex entries=
=In the anime=
Porygon2 is the only [[Generation II]] Pokémon to never appear in the anime. Popular opinion is that this is because of the incident involving Porygon in [[EP038]], でんのうせんしポリゴン (Computer Soldier Porygon).
=In other languages=
*[[List of German Pokémon names|German]]: Porygon2
*[[List of French Pokémon names|French]]: Porygon2
*[[List of Korean Pokémon names|Korean]]: 폴리곤2 ''Polligon2''
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