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Poké Ball

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* Friend Ball (×1, wild Pokémon has a happiness value of 200 after being caught) - Made from Grn Apricon
* Fast Ball (If wild Pokémon is Magnemite, Grimer, Tangela, Mr. Mime, Eevee, Porygon, Dratini, or Dragonair, ×4. However, not all of these Pokémon can be found in the wild) - Made from Wht Apricorn
* Heavy Ball (Wild Pokémon's catchCatch rate is modifiednormal basedfor onpokémon between 100 and 200kg, increases by 20 for pokémon between 200kg and 300kg, increases by 30 for pokémon heavier than 300kg, and is itsreduced Heavier20 Pokémonfor arepokémon easierunder to100kg catch) - Made from Blk Apricorn
* Love Ball (If your Pokémon and the wild Pokémon are opposite genders, ×8) - Made from Pnk Apricorn
* Timer Ball (Catch rate ranges from ×1 to ×4 based on how many turns have passed in the current battle. Formula is ''1 + TurnNumber ÷ 10'')
''TODO: Find Heavy Ball formula.''
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