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== Alex Castellanos ==
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'''Eiku''' (Japanese: 穎宮 エイク'' "[[wp:Awn (botany)|awn]] shrine"'')
My name is Alex Castellanos of the city of Paterson, New Jersey. In 1995, on my 10th birthday, I started my Pokémon journey! My mom sent me to my cousin's house who lived in Pallet Town to meet her college buddy Professor Oak! The rest was history...
is a 20 year old Pokémon veteran, who has been a fan of the games and anime since the initial U.S. launch in the fall of 1998. Eiku currently lives in a suburb near the city of [[wp:Chicago|Chicago]] and is still trying to figure out what to do with her life. She is also currently not active in any online Pokémon community, but would like to start... maybe. Fandoms are kind of scary, you know. Eiku also no longer keeps up with the Pokémon anime because she just doesn't have the time nor the will to do so. It's just not the same without Misty screaming every few minutes.
{{userEiku en-N}}is known around the internet by many names, the main ones being Stitchy, Eiku, Caliga, Nerrik, Ferafim, and Sevenite. She loves creating characters, and spends way too much time thinking about their stories than she should. Artistry and writing are her fortes, though the former much more so, and drawing is one of Eiku's biggest escapes. Her passions range far and wide, and discrimination is not a word she has come to understand. She likes what she likes, and that's all there is to it.
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'''About Me'''
My team.
{{evobox/2|007|Squirtle|1|Water||[[Level|Level 16]]|008|Wartortle|1|Water||[[Level|Level 36]]|009|Blastoise|1|Water|}}
Blastoise. An awesome defensive and physical tank, with a great Surf.
{{evobox/2|016|Pidgey|2|Normal|Flying|[[Level|Level 18]]|017|Pidgeotto|2|Normal|Flying|[[Level|Level 36]]|018|Pidgeot|2|Normal|Flying}}
Pidgeot. A speedy, versatile powerhouse. Good against the ground game.
{{evobox/2|172|Pichu|1|Electric||[[Happiness]]|025|Pikachu|1|Electric||[[Thunderstone]]|026|Raichu|1|Electric|}}Oh, yeah, and she's not a terrorist because of the title of her favorite Pokémon episode.
Raichu.=All AAbout thunder attack that makes you quiver!Eiku=
Eiku is now too tired to type anymore about herself in third person, kthx. More to come.