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2 bytes added, 13:27, 18 November 2008
:First for the Userspace is [[Bulbapedia:Userspace policy|Userspace Policy]]. It's found on the main page. The talk page policy is [[Bulbapedia:Talk page|harder to find]]. You should be able to find most under the {{cat|Bulbapedia policies}} category. [[User:Gywall|<span style="color:#FF8800">'''Gyw</span><span style="color:#FFAE00">all'''</span>]]<sup>([[User_talk:Gywall|Talk]])</sup> 13:19, 18 November 2008 (UTC)
::Fine no more edits today then but how do I create a catagory for all the tags that I want to put in such as being a Leo and that, is there some kind of coding for it. [[User:WolfMan of Light|Being unable to change or delete stupid things from your talk page is stupid]] 13:26, 18 November 2008 (UTC)