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are we gonna be grown up about this and try to settle our differences or are we going to continue these childish games of cat and mouse. I feel it would show maturity on both our parts, if we came together and worked through this, to reach a happy and peaceful conclusion. If you discuss it with me, and allow me to discuss back Im sure we can come to a good result. --[[User:Guardian|<font color="#0000FF">Guardian</font>]][[Special:Contributions/Guardian|<font color="#FFFF00"> of</font>]][[User talk:Guardian|<font color="#FF0000"> Earth</font>]] |[[GSDS|<font color="#00FF00">SGMS 2010</font>]]
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Umm man why did you put all the nonsense back on my talk page about the annoying argument with Amos or whatever his name was, I didn't want to keep that stuff.