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About Moi
===About Moi===
I have been interested in pokémon ever since I was four years of age. When I first liked pokémon I was more into the merchandise than anything else. Back then, I also enjoyed watching the anime. I did not own many pokémon games and the only two games that I did own, pokémon gold and pokémon crystal, were not played very much. Sadly, all the memory on pokémon gold was lost two years ago due to the internal battery problem. Pokémon crystal's memory ran out early this year which is a real shame since I had some very good pokémon on there. I can now no longer play either of them, I can't even just make a new saved file since everytime I save and then reload the game, it just keeps saying 'new game' rather than a saved one. I am now hoping for Gold and Silver remakes so that I can start over again in Johto. It was about seven years ago that I last played through the entire game and about three years ago that I played the game again on the same saved file on crystal. I was very pleased with the remakes of Red and Blue as I had never played those games before. I now hope that all the rumors about a remake of gold and silver are true. I always used to like Ampharos for some reason or another and trained quite a few on pokémon gold. I ended up with a level 73 Ampharos and a level 100 Ampharos which I cloned with the cloning glitch with my friend. Now that I have lost these Ampharos due the internal battery dying, I have two new Ampharos. One is at level 80 on my pokémon emerald. The other has been trained much and is only at level 42, he is currently on pokemon pearl. When pokémon ruby and sapphire came out I was only seven or eight years of age and I had not played much of pokémon gold or crystal. By then, I still adored collecting pokémon plush dolls and toys, but was starting to lose interest in the anime. My main interest in the pokémon games started with pokémon sapphire. I started out with a female Treecko which has become one of my main pokémon in the 3rd generations games now. I still use her today and she is a level 97 Sceptile now. When I first brought sapphire, I did not understand much about how the game worked. Ruby was actually going to be my main game, but I started playing sapphire and got addicted to it and forgot about poor old ruby. I actually lost my pokémon ruby game pak about six years ago and since then I have moved home. I still have not found the game and the only thing I think of is that I left it behind at my old house. I have brought a new ruby game in which I haven beaten all the gyms, but I have not bothered much about beating the elite four. IMy havemain gottengame Regirockin this gen is pokémon pearl mainly because everyone seems to like pokémon diamond more and, RegiceI do not mean this in any offensive way, I do not feel like being a sheep, or a Mareep as the case may be here. I recently got pokérus on pokémon pearl in august 2008. I was training my Charmeleon and was battling him agaisnt wild pokémon. I am not sure when he got the gamevirus, but when I stillchecked doon my team at one point, I almost had I heart attack when it said pkrs at the top right corner. I could not believe it, I never thought I would get pokérus or a shiny pokémon. I never have Registeelgotten duea toshiny lackby ofthe way, I made a 20 Shellos chain link with the poké radar once, but still ultrano ballsshiny. (incomplete.)