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Ampharos (Pokémon)

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*Ampharos is one of only two second stage {{TCG|Lightning}} Pokémon in the TCG that was released in the same generation as its evolutionary relatives, the other being {{p|Luxray}}.
*Unlike most Electric-types, Ampharos has Speed as its lowest stat. It shares this trait with {{p|Luxray}} and {{p|Magnezone}}.
*Ampharos shares the same [[species]] name with {{p|Lanturn}}. They are both known as Light Pokémon.
*The ball on the end of Ampharos's tail became a deeper red through the generations. It wasn't originally red due to the Gameboy Color's limitations.
*The stripes on Ampharos's ears did not originally cover the tip of the ear. This was corrected in Pokémon Crystal.
*Despite all of its Pokédex entries mentioning that its tail glows as a beacon, it cannot learn the move {{M|Tail Glow}}, most likely because the move is known in Japan as "Firefly Light." However, this doesn't explain why Manaphy can still learn the move.
It appears to resemble a lamb.
====Name origin====
An ''ampere'', or ''{{wp|amp}}'', is a measure of electrical current. ''Pharos'' is the Greek word for "lighthouse". Ampharos's Japanese name can be taken to mean 電流 ''denryū'', electric current, or 電竜 ''denryū'', electric dragon, and may include 電球 ''denkyū'', light bulb in its name, referring to its tail.
==In other languages==