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Vacuum Wave (move)

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Effect: can't even spell vacuum right
VaccumVacuum Wave does damage, and is an increased [[priority]] move. If the opponenttarget does not use an increased priority move during the round that it is used, VaccumVacuum Wave will go first regardless of the user's or opponenttarget's speed. If the opponenttarget also uses an increased priority move during the same round that the user uses VaccumVacuum Wave, the attack order of the users will be determined normally. If the user is put to sleep or frozen during the round that VaccumVacuum Wave is (or attempts to be) used, VaccumVacuum Wave's increased speed priority will not be reset. Subsequently, it will only be reset on the turn after the user wakes up or is defrosted, or if the user switches out.
Vacuum Wave is a Special-based variation of the move {{m|Mach Punch}}.