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Lucky Stadium (Neo Destiny 100)

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'''Lucky Stadium''' (Japanese: ''' ラッキースタジアム''' ''Lucky Stadium'') is a {{TCG|Stadium card}}. It is part of the {{TCG|Neo Destiny}} set.
==Card text==
==Release information==
Ten*There differentwere promotionaltwelve releasesversions of this card have taken place, nine of them are exclusive to Japanprinted. The first eight Japanwere Japanese-only promotional prints were released through regional tournaments in March, April, and May 2000, and were illustrated as follows:
**Kyushu ({{p|Onix}}, March): [[Ryuta Kusumi]], [[Benimaru Itoh]]
**Kanto ({{p|Lugia}}, March): [[Yousuke Hirata]], [[CR CG gangs]]
**Kyoto ({{p|Ho-Oh}}, April): [[Yuichi Sawayama]], CR CG gangs
**Shikoku ({{p|Gyarados}}, April): Yousuke Hirata, CR CG gangs
**Shizouka ({{p|Zapdos}}, April): [[Kyura Kusumi]], CR CG gangs
**Morioka ({{p|Diglett}}, April): Yuichi Sawayama, Benimaru Itoh
**Shinetsu ({{p|Mew}}, May): [["Big Mama" Tagawa]], CR CG gangs
**Hokkaido ({{p|Pikachu}}, May): "Big Mama" Tagawa, CR CG gangs
*The ninth Japapanese-onlyprint promotional print,was a bilingual printpromotional card, was released at the Tropical Mega Battle Tournament in August 2000 and was illustrated by [[Kouichi Ooyama]]. The lone promotional print outside Japan was released at the opening of [[Pokémon Center (store)#New York|Pokémon Center New York]], illustrated here by "Big Mama" Tagawa.
*The tenth print was included in the Neo Destiny Expansion, first released in Japan in March 2001 and illustrated by [[Tomoaki Imakuni|Imakuni?]].
*The eleventh print was part of the Japanese-only Totodile Half Deck in the Neo Introduction Set, released in April 2001 and illustrated by [[Hideki Kazama]].
*The lone promotional print outside Japan was released at the opening of [[Pokémon Center (store)#New York|Pokémon Center New York]], illustrated by "Big Mama" Tagawa.
Image:StadiumOnix.jpg|Kyushu variant<br>Illus. [[Ryuta Kusumi]], [[Benimaru Itoh]]
Image:Stadiumcard.jpg|Hokkaido variant<br>Illus. [["Big Mama" Tagawa]], [[CR CG gangs]]
<!--Image:StadiumBilingual.jpg|Tropical Mega Battle variant<br>Illus. [[Kouichi Ooyama]]-->
<!--Image:StadiumChikoritaTotodile.jpg|Neo Introduction Set variant<br>Illus. [[Hideki Kazama]]-->
<!--Image:StadiumNYC.jpg|New York City variant<br>Illus. [["Big Mama" Tagawa]]-->
*All of the cards feature a stylized stadium, often related to the area in which the variant was available, with at least one Pokémon in the image. The only variants which do not conform to this are the Neo Destiny print, which features Imakuni? himself and people dancing; and the Neo Introduction set print, which features the symbols of the two [[half deck]]s, as well as adverts for the [[Neo]] series and Pokémon Card Laboratory.
*The Neo Destiny print is the only card with an illustrator credit reading "Illus. Imakuni?" to be released outside Japan. This may be due to the fact that all other cards with that credit are "spoof" cards that feature exclusively in Japanese releases.