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Lucky Stadium (Neo Destiny 100)

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The ninth Japapanese-only promotional print, a bilingual print, was released at the Tropical Mega Battle Tournament in 2000 and was illustrated by [[Kouichi Ooyama]]. The lone promotional print outside Japan was released at the opening of [[Pokémon Center (store)#New York|Pokémon Center New York]], illustrated here by "Big Mama" Tagawa.
Image:StadiumOnix.jpg|Kyushu variant<br>Illus. [[Ryuta Kusumi]], [[Benimaru Itoh]]
Image:StadiumLugia.jpg|Kanto variant<br>Illus. [[Yousuke Hirata]], [[CR CG gangs]]
Image:StadiumHoOh.jpg|Kyoto variant<br>Illus. [[Yuichi Sawayama]], [[CR CG gangs]]
Image:StadiumGyarados.jpg|Shikoku variant<br>Illus. [[Yousuke Hirata]], [[CR CG gangs]]
Image:StadiumZapdos.jpg|Shizouka variant<br>Illus. [[Kyura Kusumi]], [[CR CG gangs]]
Image:StadiumDiglett.jpg|Morioka variant<br>Illus. [[Yuichi Sawayama]], [[Benimaru Itoh]]
Image:StadiumMew.jpg|Shinetsu variant<br>Illus. [["Big Mama" Tagawa]], [[CR CG gangs]]
Image:Stadiumcard.jpg|Hokkaido variant<br>Illus. [["Big Mama" Tagawa]], [[CR CG gangs]]
<!--Image:StadiumBilingual.jpg|Tropical Mega Battle variant<br>Illus. [[Kouichi Ooyama]]-->
<!--Image:StadiumNYC.jpg|New York City variant<br>Illus. [["Big Mama" Tagawa]]-->