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Gonzap is a large, mustached man who resembles a turn of the century strongman. He erupts into rage after [[Wes]] betrays Team Snagem, blows up the gang's [[Snagem Hideout|headquarters]], and steals the [[Snag Machine]].
Gonzap seems to have once had some sort of psuedopseudo father/son relationship with Wes. The gang leader agreed to help [[Cipher]] carry out their plans so that Team Snagem would be provided with powerful technology and [[Shadow Pokémon]], although it seems only three were allocated to them. In return, Team Snagem was to snag the Pokémon of innocent trainers so that they could be turned into Shadow Pokémon.
Gonzap confronted Wes and [[Rui]] in one of the top floors of [[Realgam Tower]], but was defeated and his {{p|Skarmory}} snagged.