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* Maylene's Japanese name is shared with that of one of the [[Kimono Girl]]s of [[Ecruteak City]].
* Maylene is one of the youngest Gym Leaders in Sinnoh. However, the youngest [[Gym Leaders]] in the Pokémon world seem to hail from [[Hoenn]], being the twins from [[Mossdeep City]], [[Tate and Liza]].
*With the release of Pokémon Platinum, the order of three Gym battles in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl are now shifted: instead of being third, Maylene is now fourth in the line-up. Had {{Ash}} fought [[Fantina]] previous to Maylene, he would have inadvertently gone out of order compared to the D&PDiamond and Pearl line-up, but in order for the Platinum line-up. Ash battled the three shifted Gym Leaders in the order designated by D&PDiamond and Pearl, as Platinum was not released until after Ash fought [[Crasher Wake]], but before Fantina.