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Slow down on editing the <code>User:</code> namespace. There are only three userspace edits allowed per day, and you have gone over the limit. Editing your userpage too much will lead to it being locked again. Instead of making multiple small edits, why not instead use the preview button (Alt + Shift + P) to check your edits before saving the page? Thank you. --''[[User:Maverick Nate|<sup style="color:#00008B;">'''Maverick'''</sup>]][[User talk:Maverick Nate|<sub style="color:#6890F0;">'''Nate'''</sub>]]'' 16:29, 1 November 2008 (UTC)
== Adding Trivia ==
Try not to "talk" when putting new information in articles, like putting "we", "I", "you", or putting something like "(...), doesn't it?" or, like you did, "(...)''shouldn't'' '''he''' commanding it, '''''huh'''''?". '''[[User:Haruka uzumaki|<span style="color:#4B0082">うずまき</span>]][[User talk:Haruka uzumaki|<span style="color:#E0115F">ハルカ</span>]]''' 17:17, 1 November 2008 (UTC)