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OK!: new section
I am new so I cant know how much and so on!
:its ok. just read the [[Manual of style]], it will teach you everything. like how to sigh your comments. use <nowiki>four tildes, "~~~~"</nowiki>. -- '''[[User:MAGNEDETH|<span style="color:#000033;">MAG</span>]][[User:MAGNEDETH#Interesting Stuff|<span style="color:#696969;">NE</span>]][[User talk:MAGNEDETH|<span style="color:#000033;">DETH</span>]]''' 20:00, 26 October 2008 (UTC)
== OK! ==
Ok, I think about it next time:), when you are here can you help me? I want to get those boxes or whatever it is called to my userpage. Like what my favorite type is, my Hall of Fame, Pokémon teams and so on. Can you help me please?