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[[Image:Ada Chatot.jpg|thumb|right|Ada and Chatot.]]
'''Ada''' (Japanese: '''アンリ''' ''Anri'') is a comedian who first appeared in ''[[AG183|Strategy Tomorrow - Comedy Tonight!]]''. Her Japanese voice actress is 早水リサ ''[[Risa Hayamizu]]'' and her English voice actress is [[Annie Silver]]. Internationally, she is played by [[Priscila Ferreira]] in BrazilianBrazil.
Ada is a traveling comedian who makes a comedy duo called the Seesaw Chat-a-Lots with her {{p|Chatot}}, the ''boke'' to Ada's ''tsukkomi''. On her way to the Comedy Grand Prix in [[Johto]], her Chatot began flying off during the day and coming back at night, and on occasion upon returning, began saying strange things Ada couldn't figure out. After meeting Ash and friends, whom helped figure out that Chatot had been flying off to a children's hospital, Ada and Chatot managed to entertain the children at the hospital and help them understand how Chatot can't always be with them.