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In the games
[[Image:Kokuran Cattleya.gif|Sprite Image of Kokuran and Cattleya in {{game|Platinum}}.|thumb|left]]
In Pokémon Platinum, Kokuran and Cattleya have these Pokémon when they are challenged for a medal:
====Silver medalMedal challenge====
=====Team A=====
trainername=Kokuran and Cattleya |
games={{v2|Platinum}} |
place=Battle Frontier (Sinnoh)#Battle Castle |
link=Battle Castle |
generation=4 |
=====Team B=====
|#1color=[[Image:398.png]]{{white color}} |
|Poke1trainerimage={{pKokuran Cattleya.gif |Staraptor}}
|LV1prize=Lv.{{tt???? |*|Same level as player's Pokémon}}
|G1trainerclass=Castle Butler |
|HI1trainername=[[King'sKokuran Rock]]and Cattleya |
|M1P1games={{mv2|EndeavorPlatinum}} |
|M2P1place={{m|AerialBattle Ace}}Frontier (Sinnoh)#Battle Castle |
|M3P1link={{mBattle Castle |Endure}}
|M4P1generation={{m4 |Quick Attack}}
numberinparty=3 |
|#2num1=[[Image:395.png]]398 |
|Poke2poke1={{pStaraptor |Empoleon}}
|LV2ability1=Lv.{{tta|*|Same level as player's PokémonIntimidate}} |
|G2item1=[[Evolution-inducing held item#King's Rock|King's Rock]] |
|HI2gender1=[[Razor Claw]]|
|M1P2level1={{mtt|Drill*|Same Pecklevel as player's Pokémon}} |
|M2P2move1poke1={{mEndeavor |Aqua Jet}}
|M3P2move2poke1={{m|ShadowAerial Claw}}Ace |
|M4P2move3poke1={{mEndure |Rock Slide}}
move4poke1=Quick Attack |
|#3num2=[[Image:229.png]]395 |
|Poke3poke2={{pEmpoleon |Houndoom}}
|LV3gender2=Lv.{{tt |*|Same level as player's Pokémon}}
|G3ability2={{a|Torrent}} |
|HI3level2=[[Focus{{tt|*|Same Sash]]level as player's Pokémon}} |
|M1P3item2={{m[[Evolution-inducing held item#Razor Claw|FireRazor Fang}}Claw]] |
|M2P3move1poke2={{m|ThunderDrill Fang}}Peck |
|M3P3move2poke2={{mAqua Jet |Reversal}}
|M4P3move3poke2={{mShadow Claw |Endure}}
move4poke2=Rock Slide |
num3=229 |
poke3=Houndoom |
gender3= |
item3=[[In-battle effect item#Focus Sash|Focus Sash]] |
level3={{tt|*|Same level as player's Pokémon}} |
move1poke3=Fire Fang |
move2poke3=Thunder Fang |
move3poke3=Reversal |
move4poke3=Endure |
====ColoredColor medalMedal challenge====
=====Team A=====