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Fluffy Tail

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The '''Fluffy Tail''' is an item available in [[Generation III]] and [[Generation IV]]. It can only be purchased in the [[Hoenn]] region. It is shaped somewhat like the tail of a {{p|Skitty}}'s tail.
The Fluffy Tail works exactly the same as the [[Poké Doll]]; When used in battle with a [[wild Pokémon]], it will end the battle immediately,will exactly the sameend as the [[Pokéimmediately. Doll]].
Presumably, the item was created due to the fact that the Poké Doll is in the shape of a {{p|Clefairy}}, which is not in [[Hoenn Dex|Hoenn's]] [[regional Pokédex]]. Perhaps on purpose, in regions where the Poké Doll is available, Skitty is not in the regional Pokédex, and therefore, the Fluffy Tail is not available for purchase. Because of this, the only way to get the Fluffy Tail in [[Sinnoh]] is to transfer it over via [[Pal Park]].
It is available for purchase for 1000 Pokémon dollars in [[Verdanturf Town]] and [[Lilycove City]].