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Houndoom (TCG)

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I actually have doubts about cards like these appearing on American shores. As far as I know, the English policy on generally not releasing evolved Pokémon as Basics is still on the books...
| {{TCG ID|EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua|Team Magma's Houndoom|34}} || {{e|Fire}} || {{rar|Uncommon}} || 34/95
==Houndoom G==
Houndoom was featured in the TCG as a {{TCG|Pokémon G}}. The following is a list of cards named '''Houndoom G'''.
{| {{bluetable}}
|- style="background: #DDDDFF;"
!Set no.
| <!--{{TCG ID|Galactic's Conquest|-->Houndoom G<!--|??}}--> || {{e|Fire}} || 45 || {{rar|Uncommon}} || {{TCG|Galactic's Conquest}} <!--(no English release)--> || ??/??