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'''Ash's Torkoal''' (Japanese: '''サトシのコータス''' ''Satoshi's Cotoise'') was the fourth [[Pokémon]] caught by {{Ash}} during his travels through [[Hoenn]]. Its voice actor in Japanese is 三木眞一郎 ''[[Shin'ichirō Miki]]'', and its English voice actors are [[Maddie Blaustein]] ({{4Kids}} dub) and [[Jimmy Zoppi|Billy Beach]] ({{PUSA}} dub).
[[Image:Ash Torkoal.png|left|thumb|200px|Ash's Torkoal crying]]
Ash caught Torkoal in the episode ''[[AG058|All Torkoal, No Play!]]''. Ash and his friends were traveling through the [[Valley of Steel]] when they saw a lone Torkoal being attacked by a {{p|Skarmory}} and many {{p|Magneton}}. After Ash saved it, Torkoal burst into tears and then ran away after hearing the sound of a {{p|Steelix}}. Later, Ash helped it defeat the Steelix that ruled over the valley and Torkoal decided to join him.
Ash also used Torkoal in the [[Ever Grande Conference]]. After the Conference, Ash left Torkoal at [[Professor Oak]]'s Lab. Ash again used it in his second battle against [[Pyramid King Brandon]] where it returned for a battle against Brandon's {{p|Registeel}} with the newly learned move {{m|Heat Wave}}. Torkoal was able to put up a fight against Registeel but eventually it lost.
[[Image:Iron Defense Anime.jpg|left|thumb|200px|Torkoal using {{m|Iron Defense}}]]
When Ash left for [[Sinnoh]], he left Torkoal with [[Professor Oak]].
[[Image:Ash Torkoal.png|left|thumb|200px|Ash's Torkoal crying]]
[[Image:Iron Defense Anime.jpg|left|thumb|200px|Torkoal using {{m|Iron Defense}}]]
==Moves used==