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Grey (Golden Boys)

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'''Grey''' (Japanese: '''グレイ''' ''Grey'') is a [[Team Rocket executives and administrators|Rocket Executive]] in the [[Golden Boys]] manga. Since the [[Team Rocket]] doesn't have a distinct [[Boss]] anymore, he seems to have taken the role of a highest member in the team.
He is first seen in the [[Ecruteak City]] summit when the Team Rocket tries to spoil the summit using radiomagnetic vawes to confuse [[Pokémon Trainer|trainers]] and their [[Pokémon]], in order to steal rare Pokémon gathered in that place. [[{{OBP|Gold (|Golden Boys)|Gold]]}} and [[{{OBP|Black (|Golden Boys)|Gold]]}} try to stop him using {{p|Espeon}} and {{p|Umbreon}} borrowed from [[Bill]] against his {{p|Houndour}} but the [[Legendary Beasts]] spoilt this fight and manage to ruin Team Rocket's deeds. Some [[Team Rocket Grunts|grunts]] got arrested, but Grey seemingly managed to escape.
He's seen for the second time near the [[Whirl Islands]], where [[Team Rocket]] does a money-making scheme by shipping people through the ocean for large sums of money (all other ships don't ship there anymore because of dangerous whirlpools), while [[{{OBP|Gold (|Golden Boys)|Gold]]}} and [[{{OBP|Chris (|Golden Boys)|Chris]]}} are sailing on the raft. Grey remembers [[{{OBP|Gold]]|Golden Boys}} and orders to crush by crashing it with his large ship. He succeeded in destroying the raft but the heroes managed to escape by hiding in fog.