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Pikachu's Gender
A point of evidence towards Pikachu being male (or at least genderles) is EP052, ''Princess vs. Princess''. Pikachu is seen throughout the episode carrying bags & boxes along the rest of the male cast, as the narrator says "[During the festival]...if you're a male, well, you get to carry packages." An old episode, but a fairly strong bit of evidence.
(Also: after reading through the discussion page here, I took a look at the line in question from ''Electric Soldier Porygon''. Nurse Joy's response to Ash makes no direct reference to Pikachu at all, let alone one featuring a gender-specific pronoun, which the Japanese language is not big on. A more accurate translation would be along the lines of "I'll get right on that" or "I'll do my best".) [[User:A L R|A L R]] 14:26, 28 September 2008 (UTC)
==Pikachu's name for Ash==