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''If you were looking for the character from#REDIRECT [[AdvancedKyle Generation]] whose Japanese name is also Kaito, please see [[Shane(Sinnoh)]].''
'''Kyle''' (Japanese: '''カイト''' ''Kaito'') is a {{g|Coordinator}} that appeared in the [[Wallace Cup]] in episodes [[DP077|''Staging a Heroes' Welcome!'']] through ''[[DP079|Strategy With a Smile!]]''. His Japanese voice actor is 野島裕史 ''Hirofumi Nojima''.
Kyle battled both [[Ash Ketchum]] and {{an|Dawn}}. He managed to defeat Ash but then lost to Dawn in the next round.
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| align=center | [[Image:091.png]]<br>{{p|Cloyster}}
| align=center | [[Image:171.png]]<br>{{p|Lanturn}}
| align=center | [[Image:342.png]]<br>{{p|Crawdaunt}}
* All of Kyle's Pokémon are dual-typed Water Pokémon.
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