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Probopass (Pokémon)

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* Despite the fact that {{p|Nosepass}} can be found wild in [[Mt. Coronet]] in {{v2|Platinum}}, there are still no wild Probopass, even though the Nosepass are in the vicinity of Mt.Coronet.
* Probopass is the last {{type2|Rock}} Pokémon in [[National Dex]] order.
* Nosepass and Magneton both evolve when it levels up in [[Mt. Coronet]].They also have 3 "mini-forms" on their body.
Probopass is based off of the {{wp|pukau}}-wearing {{wp|moai}} statues of {{wp|Easter Island}} (with a mustache added).Also, it somewhat resembles joke glasses styled after {{wp|Groucho Marx}}.