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Neo Destiny (TCG)

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*This is one of only two expansions to feature the exact same cards in both English and Japanese editions, when [[Wizards of the Coast]]'s non-holo versions of holo cards are not counted. The other was the {{TCG|Base Set}}.
*This was the first (and only) set to feature {{TCG|Light Pokémon}}. Light Pokémon are similar to the {{TCG|Dark Pokémon}} introduced earlier in {{TCG|Team Rocket}}.
*The name "Destiny" is used as the set title in reference to the Light and Dark Pokémon, in that a Pokémon's destiny is determined by how they are treated by their [[{{pkmn|Trainer]]}}.
*This set completes the transition of all the {{TCG|Unown}} to card form, with the exception of Unown R. Like {{TCG ID|Wizards Promo|Unown J|38}}, Unown R was a Promotional card in Japan, but was not translated by Wizards. An English Unown R did not appear until {{TCG|EX Unseen Forces}}.
*{{TCG|Shining Pokémon}} once again featured in this set - 8 as opposed to 2 in {{TCG|Neo Revelation}}. Unlike their predecessors, these cards got a rather interesting foil treatment; the backgrounds remained non-holographic while the Pokémon themselves were given a metallic look.