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Lickilicky (Pokémon)

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* Lickilicky would have been obtainable in both [[Generation II]] and [[Generation III]] if it had existed, as in both there was a possible way to get a {{p|Lickitung}} that had {{m|Rollout}}. It shares this trait with {{p|Mamoswine}}.
* In the tenth Pokémon movie, Lickilicky's trainer, [[Baron Alberto]], has his name very similar to Lickilicky's Japanese name, "Beroberto". His first name, "Baron," has an "n" added to the end, and the "e" changed to an "a". "Alberto" is just an addition of "Al" to the beginning of "Berto."
*Lickilicky and Lickitung are the only non-grass type Pokémon to learn Power Whip.
It appears to be based on a blue-tongued skink.