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You might ant to check out Kenji girl's talk page they're at it still.{{Unsigned|Yami Takashi}}
:I think the whole situation is getting out of hand, and i see both sides at fault in places. I've seen Yami make some disrespectful and insulting comments on Talk Pages, such as on Magnedeths page, "Fuck You" however i also feel the admins didnt handle this in the best of ways possible.
Yami needs to learn that the admins have a duty to Bulbapedia, to enforce its rules and high quality standards, but the admins could be a bit less head-on with their responses and it doesnt need 4 of them against 1 new user. Just adding my two cents to the situation, sorry if it wasnt my place to. I just think a compromise could be reached. [[User:Jen The Ren|Jen The Ren]] 23:06, 12 September 2008 (UTC)