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* Maylene's Japanese name is shared with that of one of the [[Kimono Girl]]s of [[Ecruteak City]].
* Maylene is one of the youngest Gym Leaders in Sinnoh. However, the youngest [[Gym Leaders]] in the Pokémon world seem to hail from [[Hoenn]], being the twins from [[Mossdeep City]], [[Tate and Liza]].
* Since {{game|Platinum}} switched up the Gym order some time after Ash earnedof the CobbleGyms badge from herencountered, sheMaylene is technically the third Gym Leader in the anime to be challenged by Ash out of ordersequence fromwith the games. However, it should be noted thatthough Ash challengedencountered her in the samecorrect ordersequence asaccording theto D/P{{game|Diamond gamesand before Platinum'Pearl|s release}}.
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