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Gallade (Pokémon)

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Platinum Sinnoh Dex
caption=Artwork from D/P |
ndex=475 |
sdex=160 |
adex=160 |
typen=2 |
*Although Gallade was likely created to prevent confusion due to {{p|Gardevoir}}'s distinctly feminine appearance, there can still be male Gardevoir. {{p|Kirlia}}, their shared pre-evolution, has a distinctly feminine appearance as well.
*Gallade's {{stat|Attack}} and {{stat|Special Attack}} are the reverse of Gardevoir.
*Gallade's Number in the [[sdex|Sinnoh Dex]] ([[Platinum]] only) and the [[adex|Almia Browser]] are the same: 160.
Gallade may be based on a Roman {{wp|gladiator}}.