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Feraligatr ex Epic Collection Deck (TCG)

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WithThe 3'''Feraligatr unique,ex speciallyDeck''' designedis decksa spanningcollection aof widecards rangefrom of Pokémonthe {{g|Trading Card Game expansions, the Pokémon TCG: Epic Collection will introduce new players to the game's amazing possibilities and will take long-time players to new skill levels. With a greater level of power, players and collecters have a great way to add some powerful cards to their collection}}.
GetIt readyfocuses to choose your own path to victory with the powerfulon {{tcg|Water}} and {{tcg|Psychic}} Feraligatrtype ex deck! Shut down your opponent's Poké-Powers & Poké-BodiesPokémon...go after your opponent's vulnerable Bench...and decide to go for a rapid-fire victory or dig in for a longer game!
It focuses on Water and Psychic type Pokémon.
== Card List ==