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Ash's Pikachu's Gender
:Pikachu is most likely male, since, even though it isn't originally from Sinnoh, its tail would have magically (just the way the anime tends to behave often) become heart-shaped at the end, since a female Pikachu from Hoenn/Kanto in Gen III sent to DP through the Pal Park has its tail change.
::Uh, [[Dawn's Ambipom|Ash's Aipom]] didn't suddenly get the female hair length upon the transition into [[Generation IV]]. It didn't get the female hair length until it was under Dawn's control and it had evolved.
::Your claim that Pikachu's tail would have magically changed suggests that Aipom's hair changed as soon as it got to Sinnoh. However, Pokémon who were in a certain evolutionary form at the end of [[AG191]] aren't affected by gender differences as long as they remain in that form, and Aipom's the prime example. Since [[May's Venusaur|May's Bulbasaur]] had evolved after that point, it has the female gender difference.
::However, [[Misty's Politoed]]'s cheeks wouldn't suddenly grow smaller nor would [[Misty's Gyarados]]'s whiskers turn white (if either/or were female) were they to reappear since the former reached final form within Johto and the latter reached final form offscreen no later than early Hoenn; on the flip side, if [[Misty's Goldeen]] were to be a Seaking upon reappearance, its horn would probably be a telltale gender sign since it was still a Goldeen when it last appeared and it could have possibly evolved within the Generation IV timeframe.
::Case in point: The animators would NEVER "magically" change a Pokémon to reflect a gender difference. Only evolution can do that. --[[User:Shiningpikablu252|Shiningpikablu252]] 01:11, 3 September 2008 (UTC)