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*X: Displays a pink letter X.
*Y: Displays a red letter Y.
[[Image:Pachirisu seal.jpg|thumb|right|Pachirisu is sent out.]]
*Z: Displays an orange letter Z.
*Shock Seal: Displays a red !.
Seals are commonly used in contests. These make the entrance of the Pokémon more attractive and may sometimes affect the score given to them also.
Image:Pachirisu seal.jpg|{{TP|Dawn|Pachirisu}}, the Heart Seal and several other seals
Image:Pachirisulineseal.jpg|{{TP|Dawn|Pachirisu}} and the Line Seals
Image:Ambipomcontest.jpg|{{TP|Dawn|Ambipom}} and the Heart Seal
Image:Ambipomlineseal.jpg|The Line Seal and {{TP|Dawn|Ambipom}}
Image:Buneary Contest.jpg|{{TP|Dawn|Buneary}} with the Heart Seals
Image:Buizellightning.jpg|{{AP|Buizel}} with the Ele-Seals
Image:Wartortlebubbleseal.jpg|{{TP|May|Wartortle}} with the pink Foamy Seal
Image:DP0049.jpg|The Song Seal!
Image:Dustoxheart.jpg|{{TP|Jessie|Dustox}} comes out from the heart
Image:Wobbuffetflowers.jpg|The Floral Seal
Image:Dawnsealpokéball.jpg|{{an|Dawn}} is sending out...
Image:Maycontestball.jpg|{{an|May}} sends out...
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