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Moltres (Pokémon)

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*Moltres is one of the three legendary Pokémon whose location was changed between generations.
*Moltres's original sprites from [[Generation II]] often depicted it to have wings completely engulfed in flames. But in its more recent sprites, {{game|Yellow}} sprites and artwork it is depicted with wings that are only partially covered in flames.
*Although legendaries cannot be bred, in [[Pokémon Snap]] Moltres and the other birds are in eggs, which shows that they were bred in some type of way.
*Moltres shares the same [[species]] name as {{p|Charmeleon}} and {{p|Charizard}}, {{p|Flareon}}, and {{p|Infernape}}. They are all known as Flame Pokémon.
*When introduced, Moltres was the only member of its trio which didn't have a unique type combination, but since Generation II thanks to {{p|Delibird}}, {{p|Zapdos}} is the only legendary bird with a unique type combination.
*Its appearance is very similar to that of the Donkey Kong enemy, [ Fire Necky] another bird covered in flame.
Like {{p|Ho-Oh}}, Moltres is based on the legend of the {{wp|phoenix}}. However, Moltres is based on the phoenix of Arabic legend. Others claim that the bird is based on the Japanese mythical bird known as 朱雀 ''Suzaku'', guardian of the South, and is not a true phoenix. Regardless, the Pokémon has a very similar appearance to both the phoenix and the Suzaku.