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In the anime: Titling
'''Contest announcers''' are people who comment on the [[Pokémon Contest]]s and {{pkmn|Super Contest}}s. They also announce the start of the contests.
==In the anime==
===In [[Kanto]]===
*[[Lilian Meridian|Lilian]] is the contest announcer in Kanto.
*[[Vivian Meridian|Vivian]] was once the announcer in the Kanto [[Grand Festival]].
*[[Jessie]] was once the co-announcer alongside Lilian in the Kanto Grand Festival.
===In [[Hoenn]]===
*[[Vivian Meridian|Vivian]] is the contest announcer in Hoenn.
===In [[Sinnoh]]===
*[[Marian]] is the announcer in Sinnoh.