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Ash's Pikachu's Gender
In one early episode perhaps the Erika one didn't Ash say "but Pikachu's a boy."
Just to clear up, there were three points in the "arguments for Pikachu possibly being female" section that I've removed for being pointless.
1.) Misty's pictured Pikachu in a dress. So what? We've actually -seen- Ash in a dress multiple times, does that mean he's a girl? Of course not.
2.) Buneary's crush on Pikachu. Granted, this doesn't necessarily tell us Pikachu is male with absolute certainty, since it's one sided, but it certainly can't be used as an argument for Pikachu being female. This is just absurd.
3.) Bayleef's rivalry. Just because they have a rivalry doesn't in any way suggest Pikachu is female. Yes, there's the element of gender attraction with Bayleef's relationship with Ash, but that doesn't mean the rivalry works on that same level for Pikachu.
Now, I'm in the "Pikachu is male" camp quite firmly, but I can at least accept the other points there can be used in defence of the female argument. But these three are just silly, and have no place in it. They represent desperate scrabbling around to try to prove something. [[User:Prophaniti|Prophaniti]] 22:10, 21 August 2008 (UTC)