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Cyndaquil (Chikorita Half Deck 16)

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{{TCG Unreleased}}
{{PokémoncardInfobox |
title|cardname=Cyndaquil <small>LV. 19</small> |
jname=ヒノアラシ |level=19
jtrans=Hinoarashi |jname=ヒノアラシ
image=CyndaquilIntro.jpg |jtrans=Hinoarashi
caption|image=IllusCyndaquilChikoritaHalfDeck16. [[Kagemaru Himeno]] |jpg
name|caption=Illus. [[CyndaquilKagemaru (TCG)#Cyndaquil|CyndaquilHimeno]] |
stage=[[Basic Pokémon]] |species=Cyndaquil
type|evostage={{e|Fire}} |Basic
hp=50 |type=Fire
weakness|hp={{e|Water}} |50
resistance=None |weakness=Water
retreatcost={{e}} |resistance=None
species=Cyndaquil |retreatcost=1
{{PokémoncardInfobox/Expansion|-type=Fire|jpdeckkit={{TCG|Intro Pack Neo}}|jphalfdeck=Chikorita Half Deck|jpcardno=16}}
!Set{{PokémoncardInfobox/Expansion|type=Fire|jpdeckkit={{TCG|Intro Pack Neo}}|jphalfdeck=Chikorita Half Deck|jpcardno=23}}
| {{TCGPokémoncardInfobox/Footer|type=Fire|Neo Introduction Setspecies=Cyndaquil}}
!Card No.
| 16, 23
'''Cyndaquil''' (Japanese: '''ヒノアラシ''' ''Hinoarashi'') is a {{ct|Fire}} basicBasic Pokémon card. It is part of the {{TCG|NeoIntro IntroductionPack SetNeo}}, a special Deck Kit released in Japan only.
==Card text==
{{Cardattack |Cardtext/Attack
cost|type={{e|Fire}} |
name|cost=Firebreathing {{e|Fire}}
jname=ひをふく |name=Firebreathing
jtrans=Fire-setting Breath |jname=ひをふく
damage|jtrans=10+ |Blowing Fire
effect=Flip a {{TCG|coin}}. If heads, this attack does 10 damage plus =10 more damage. |+
|effect=Flip a coin. If heads, this attack does 10 damage plus 10 more damage.
===Pokédex data===
{|{{Graytable}} width="250"Carddex
! Species|name=Cyndaquil
| species=Fire Mouse Pokémon
! Length|height=1'08"
| 1'8" jheight=0.5
! Weight|jweight=7.9
|transdex=The 17fire lbsthat spouts from its back burns hottest when it is angry. The flaring flames intimidate foes.
! nowrap | Pokémon No.}}
| 155
! Entry
| ''Please provide a translation for this entry.''
=Release information=
In Japan, this card is one of those exclusively created for the Neo Introduction Set. The card was never released in English.
This card's Pokédex entry comes from {{game|Crystal}}.
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