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*They both released the second Pokémon they caught: Ash released {{AP|Pidgeot}} and Dawn released {{TP|Dawn|Pachirisu}}. However, Dawn recaptured Pachirisu and Ash said he would come back for Pidgeot (though he has yet to do so).
*Their starter Pokémon protected them in the beginning (Pikachu saved Ash from {{p|Spearow}}, Piplup saved Dawn from {{p|Ariados}}).
*As of ''[[DP066|Lost Leader Strategy!]]'', [[Dawn's Piplup]] seems to have become an ''out of the ball'' Pokémon, as it never stays inside its [[Poké Ball]] anymore, and is often seen being carried around by Dawn just as Ash carries around Pikachu on his shoulder.
<!--Before you go off and post that Dialga VS Palkia VS Darkrai crap, note that its not a hint. Happy Shipping!-->