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* The player can eventually make a desired Pokémon in the above list appear by saving before talking to Mr. Backlot and resetting until the Pokémon is put in. Note that this method does not work for Pokémon [[swarms]].
* Another common trick is to put a level 18 Pokémon (one that has not yet gained any experience, or the trick fails) in the first slot of the party and use a [[Repel]], though this returns only {{p|Pikachu}} and the daily Pokémon, like {{p|Chansey}}. This method may be used to obtain rare held items, like [[Lucky Egg]], [[Light Ball]], [[Oval Stone]] or [[Moon Stone]], as seen in [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9e6CGgKW8I&fmt=18 this video]
*If you enter the mansion at 02:00 the guard standing by the statue in the room with [[MR. Backlot]] and his butler dissapears,making that you can touch the statue which then says "oops a fingerprint!"
Any other attempt to do so will result in him telling you that you may only look at it